LATEST | Yzerman gives his post-trade deadline interview and Allvin should be taking notes

Published March 5, 2023 at 1:47 PM

The Red Wings are just on the verge of making the playoffs and Steve Yzerman just showed what being committed to a plan is like.

He showed yet again why he is one of the league's top GMs and sold big pieces at high prices. Tyler Bertuzzi and Filip Hronek were two big pieces Yzerman took off of his board and he gathered lots of draft picks in exchange.

The fans did not shy away when they were asked to comment on the team's behavior and show their disappointment. Here's what Yzerman had to say:

''I understand the frustration, but this is what I'm doing, and if it doesn't work, it's on me. ..., I was not going to be a buyer under any circumstance. Not this year.''

When Yzerman took over in 2019-2020, his main goal has always been to build, not only a playoff contender but a cup contender and the Red Wings have steadily improved ever since the legendary player took over.

The Canucks on their end should be taking notes out of Yzerman's notebook. He's the one that built a Dynasty in Tampa Bay and he's about to do the same in Detroit. The fact that he openly stated that even though they're on the grasp of a playoff ticket, they weren't going to be buyers by this deadline truly shows his commitment to the cause.

The Canucks were the only 3rd tier team to buy and move an extremely valuable 1st Round Pick in what is meant to be the deepest draft of the last 10 years. Allvin and Rutherford stated that they meant to retool and rarely does a retool not involve a Draft pick. Sure, a few reclamation projects can to loads of good, but Draft Picks and great development are usually the roads to success.

Do you think the Canucks should consider copying Yzerman's strategy? Or are you happy with the they are doing things?
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LATEST | Yzerman gives his post-trade deadline interview and Allvin should be taking notes

Should the Canucks copy Yzerman's strategy?

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