WOW | Canucks' management caught in a blatant lie

Published March 5, 2023 at 12:49

The Canucks' new management which took over last year has been taking some heat from the fanbase and it's not without reason. Earlier this week, multiple sources reported that the Canucks had engaged in talks in regard to their star forward J.T. Miller

Allvin stated in his post-deadline press conference Friday that there had only been talks about a Miller deal on Friday morning. Yet, Miller was sidelined and declared week to week up until Thursday night's game where he was magically healed. Darren Dreger was the first to state that the Canucks had worked a deal for Miller ( MAJOR | Dreger confirms the Canucks had an offer on the table for J.T. Miller ).

Pierre Lebrun then added on the rumors and confirmed the talks had happened and made a really intriguing statement on the Got Your Back podcast. It really questions this management group's honesty toward the fanbase.

''It's going to be difficult for the Canucks to put a lid on this story because it involved too many parties''

The Pens would have had to move one of their high-salaried players like Brock McGinn and the Canucks had already been calling a third party to see if there were any takers for that said players.

The Canucks management group has seemingly already fallen out of favor with the Vancouver fanbase, perhaps it's time they show the contributors some respect and honesty don't you think? Do you believe the fans are owed, at least this much?
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WOW | Canucks' management caught in a blatant lie

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