MAJOR | Canucks preparing for a big change in the Rogers Arena

Published April 7, 2023 at 7:26 PM

The Canucks' venue who's been recognized under the name ''Rogers Arena'' since 1995 is starting to show signs of aging. Despite several upgrades over the year, the Arena has been on the market for the last three decades and it needs a blatant upgrade in order to keep up with the league's newest facility. (ie: Climate Pledge Arena in Seattle). One detail that's been bothering every Canucks' fan is the fact that the rink still features the original faded maroon seats which definitely clashes with the team's present uniform colors. Along with the scoreboard which si growing obsolete compared to the new technological equipment featured in the newest league facilities, since it hasn't been renewed since 2007

There still have not been any talks regarding a possible new scoreboard, but there are indications that the Canucks will be making a change to the Arena's seating. Earlier this season, Canucks President of business operations Michael Doyle hinted that replacements were on the way.

«I think one of the most popular questions on social media is [about] our seats, and I can tell you that we do have plans for the seats. I won't tell you what color, but yes, we do have plans for the seats soon.»

It was an issue that had already been discussed, a few years ago, the team's former COO stated that the Rogers Arena was long overdue for an upgrade in their seating:

«We're coming up to the life of those seats and I think when we do change them, they'll be more aligned with the brand and the colors of the organization. I can't see us bringing in the crimson red seats as a new buy. I think it would be in blue and green just to match the team.»

At this point, it seems clear that the current color doesn't truly match the club. From your perspective, Canucks fan, what should the new color be for the seats?

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MAJOR | Canucks preparing for a big change in the Rogers Arena

What color should they opt for?

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