MAJOR | Golden Knights' goaltender charged with fraud charges

Published April 5, 2023 at 5:57 PM

The Las Vegas Golden Knights have had their struggles with their netminders this year. After announcing that Robin Lehner would be out for the entirety of the 2022-2023 season, he still found a way to make headlines.

Accused of Multiple Fraud Charges

It wasn't too long ago that the netminder filed for bankruptcy and now, one of the creditors is accusing him of fraud.

Aliya Growth Fund produced a 14-page detail complaint accusing the Knight's netminder of fraud. The creditor in the cause is demanding a trial after they lent Lehner the large sum of $4.75M just six weeks prior to his bankruptcy. The Fund's legal team is claiming that Lehner asked for and received a substantial amount of money by producing false and misleading representations.

It was later disclosed that Lehner and his wife had 24 separate loans adding up to $21M, 11 litigation matters, and tons of unpaid taxes. However, none of this information was included in their loan application. In a different case, Lehner's also got American Express on his back as they're also seeking repayment. From the information the credit card company has revealed, Lehner would've spent over $60,000.00 at Aquatic Treasures and Top Shelf Aquatics respectively in Vegas and Florida.

We had already been made aware that a large sum of their debt was related to the failed company, SolarCode, which is also in financial trouble since a lender is seeking a payment worth $3.9M. As stated in a previous article, Robin Lehner had been involved in reptile breeding activity and farms.

Robin Lehner is, without a doubt, in a ton of trouble and he will have to face the consequences of his actions. Lehner is known for his peculiar behavior making these allegations somewhat believable.

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MAJOR | Golden Knights' goaltender charged with fraud charges

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