Analyst draws an extremely interesting comparison for Aatu Raty

Published April 5, 2023 at 2:18 PM

Aatu Raty is arguably the Canucks' top prospect and it's hard to tell what his potential ceiling might be as a National Hockey League player, but there's no doubt he can become a productive top-six forward.

In his most recent article in 'The Athletic', Thomas Drance listed his NHL comparable for some of the prospects in Vancouver's system, and for Aatu Raty, he was mentioned in the same realm as a current Canucks forward.

"I figured I'd best pick Miller as Räty's comparable because both players are left-handed, have similar frames and both players were drafted as pivots, but at a precocious stage in their respective development have (or had) a variety of talent evaluators insisting that they'll ultimately end up as wingers at the NHL level." Drance said.

Drance also pointed out that the two had similar age-20 seasons in the National Hockey League, with Miller having four points in 26 games with the Rangers in 2012-13, while Raty has three points so far this season in 15 games between the New York Islanders and Vancouver.

On the low end, Raty was compared to former Montreal Canadiens prospect Jacob de la Rose, who appeared in 242 careers NHL games with the Habs, Red Wings, and Blues between 2014 and 2021, putting up 38 points, before returning to Europe.

Ideally, the Canucks would like Raty to stay in Vancouver as long as possible and hopefully, his development goes very well to the point where he becomes a top-six forward, much like J.T. Miller.

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Analyst draws an extremely interesting comparison for Aatu Raty

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