MAJOR | New bidder enters the chat for the Sens: Another A-list Celebrity

Published May 6, 2023 at 11:09

The Ottawa Senators' sale has been an ongoing process ever since Eugene Meulnyk passed. There's been multiple reports suggesting that the offers had gone over the $1B threshold.

Now that there seems to be a clearer value of what the franchise's value is, a bidding war has started, but it's also been quite the celebrity war as well.

From the get go, it was revealed that the Vancouver-native actor, known for his impersonation of Marvel's Deadpool, Ryan Reynold was part of a consortium to put an early bid. This last week, the hip-hop legendary signer Snoop Dogg announced he wanted to acquire an NHL franchise and placed his bid on the Sens.

Now it appears another well-known artist has entered the chat since The Weeknd. An Ontario native, he's a successful singer and per the reports on him a huge hockey fan as well:

«He's going to be a great partner for Ottawa and the NHL,» a source close to The Weeknd said. «The team he works with grew up in Ottawa, so they know the market really well, but he's the largest musician planet right now. He has the most views, the most streams and he's a hockey guy.

«He doesn't like to be in the media very often so this really says something that he wants to be part of a bid. He wants to get this deal done, he wants to build something that will be great in Ottawa and he'll be a good fit. He's got a lot of connections worldwide.»

Bidders have until the 15th to put in their unbinding bid, things are then expected to move quickly from there.

SOURCE:Ottawa Sun
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MAJOR | New bidder enters the chat for the Sens: Another A-list Celebrity

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