TRADE PROPOSAL | Allvin moves up in the draft: Vancouver trades with Columbus

Published May 19, 2023 at 6:46 PM

Patrik Allvin took everyone by surprise when he revealed to a Swedish Journal that Leo Carlsson was topping their list ahead of the draft. The rumor mill has then been about the Canucks trying to move up from their current 11th seed.

A trade proposal was drawn with the Columbus Blue Jackets who hold the 3rd selection. Given that Connor Bedard goes first, and Anaheim picks either Fantilli, Smith, or Michkov, the Canucks would then have the opportunity to select Carlsson.


2023 1st Round Selection Columbus (3rd Overall)


Aidan McDonough
Jett Woo
Vitaly Kravstov
2023 1st Round Selection Vancouver (11th Overall)

McDonough showed great things at the NCAA level, but his confidence has not yet transferred to the professional level. Woo on his end, a former 2nd Round Selection, has steadily improved ever since he joined the Canucks. Vitaly Kravston was acquired late in the season by the Canucks, he'll be an RFA on July 1st, and up to this day there is still no certainty that he'll even be qualified.

Keep in mind that the Canucks would be trading up 8 ranks in order to draft one of Leo Carlsson or Adam Fantilli, instead of perhaps Dalibor Dvorsky. Picks within the top 5 are rarely once the draft order is known, mainly because of the steep price attached to it. The question that still stands up to this point is whether or not it's worth giving up McDonough, Woo, and Kravstov to move up 8 ranks.

SOURCE:Cap Friendly
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TRADE PROPOSAL | Allvin moves up in the draft: Vancouver trades with Columbus

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