TRADE PROPOSAL | Canucks make a mind-blowing trade to acquire William Nylander

Published May 14, 2023 at 6:20 PM

The Maple Leafs were once again struck by an early playoff exit and they'll surely be looking to make major changes to their line-up since this recipe clearly isn't working for them. The Core4 has been scorched for their no-show in their second round and it may be time they dismantle it.

The Leafs will be facing tough decisions as they'll enter the last contract years of two members of their core4 William Nylander ($6.96M) and Auston Matthews ($11.64M). The Swede has been putting up monstrous performances as of late and he'll definitely be asking for a raise once it comes to an end, while the rumor has already been circling around that Matthews will be looking to become the most-paid player in the NHL. It's almost inevitable, that Nylander will have to be sacrificed in order for them to re-sign Matthews.

A trade proposal has been drawn up to help the Leafs make the much-needed change:


- William Nylander
- Nick Robertson


- Tyler Myers (50% salary retention)
- Conor Garland
- Nils Hoglander
- 2023 3rd Round Selection (TOR)
- 2025 2nd Round Selection (VAN)

Nylander is coming off a strong season in which he collected 87 points in 80 games, which puts him at 167 points over the last two seasons. He collected 17 points through the 18 playoff games he took part in as well. Nylander will need a new deal by 2024, if Allvin plays his cards rights, it gives him plenty of them to drop the needed salary.

If an offer of this sort comes on the board for the Canucks, it's a no-brainer. They'd be shedding just under a million in cap space, Nylander directly comes in as an impactful player for the Canucks. Toronto on their end would gain a decent 3rd pairing defender in Tyler Myers (whose cost-efficiency is pretty good at $3M). Garland brings a dimension the Leafs lack and Hoglander caps it off as a potential 3rd liner with a low AAV.

Could you imagine a better scenario for the Canucks?

SOURCE: CapFriendly Trade Machine
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TRADE PROPOSAL | Canucks make a mind-blowing trade to acquire William Nylander

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