MAJOR | Dreger confirms the Canucks had an offer on the table for J.T. Miller

Published March 3, 2023 at 9:06

There's been lots of speculation linking J.T. Miller to different teams heading into the deadline and the talks heated up with the Pittsburgh Penguins prior to their acquisition of Mikael Granlund.

Today, Darren Dreger confirmed that the Pens had made a suitable offer for the Canucks, one they eventually declined. It also confirms that J.T. Miller had not been injured and was scratched for trade-related reasons.

As reported in a prior article, the Canucks are known to be after an early 25-year-old centerman in return for their star forward. The reasons why it fell through? The Penguins had nothing to offer in that regard and here's the answer they have for Ron Hextall:

"We like the offer we just can't take it because it was draft picks. We need a center."

The Penguins had to move some cap space, in order to acquire a high-salaried player and Miller surely would've fit in nicely with their group, because of his versatility and high productivity.

The Canucks have taken a major change of direction since they inked him to $56M earlier. Currently trying to build off of Hughes, Pettersson, Kuzmenko, Demko, and now Hronek their priority is to add players in their early 20s. Miller will be turning 30 later this month, perhaps it's time they take the loss and move him before it's too late?
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MAJOR | Dreger confirms the Canucks had an offer on the table for J.T. Miller

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