WOW | Pettersson asked about his relationship with Miller and the response is perfect

Published April 15, 2023 at 7:27 PM

Elias Pettersson has put his name down in the superstar column after a stellar year. As he enters the final year of his current deal, lots of talks are going around trying to find a reason for Pettey to want out of Vancouver.

The ongoing belief was that J.T. Miller and Elias Pettersson weren't very fond of each other, Pettersson was asked on the subject, and the reply he gave to the journalist was just straight up perfect. The journalist asked about their relationship and Pettersson reminded him to mind his own business:

Pettersson had openly stated earlier in the season had had their differences, but both Miller and Pettey agreed that they grew to become friends, and here's what they both had to say on the subject:


''We're not a lot alike but we're both very competitive with our job and motivated to win, so there are still things to bring us together too.»

Elias then added:

«All I care about is I want to win. These guys just want to win. To get there, it's not going to be an easy process but I think we're all up for the challenge and are ready to do the hard work to get there because winning is fun.»

The two displayed impressive chemistry on multiple occasions on the ice and it is important for the two to get along moving forward. Obviously, Miller is already under contract for the next 7 years and Pettersson's next deal will most likely be the one that makes his career. If the team's top two forwards get along, the ride will be a lot more fun.
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WOW | Pettersson asked about his relationship with Miller and the response is perfect

Will Miller drive Pettersson out of Vancouver?

No, they get along47243.8 %
Yes, that why they tried moving Miller18617.3 %
No42039 %
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