WOW | Tocchet praises Miller in his post-game interview and it's promising

Published March 12, 2023 at 11:13

The Canucks hosted the Ottawa Senators last night and triumphed in front of their fans managing a 5-2 win. The team now holds a 4-game winning streak.

The brand-new J.T. Miller has been on fire lately and last night was no different. The forward was brilliant yet again, while he spent over 22 minutes on the ice his two points and +2 differential speak for themselves.

It seems that Tocchet might have figured out the hot-headed forward since we're seeing a much better and constant effort from the Canucks' number 9. Tocchet was asked about Miller in his post-game interview and he did not shy away from praises on Miller:

"I thought he was a monster tonight. He's playing really well. J.T. has been great. I've been putting him against the top line most nights and his production, his two-way game has been great."

Obviously, Tocchet is pleased with his play, the one guy who's got to be happier behind the scenes is Allvin. While many reports suggested Miller was on his way out, the return was never enough. With Miller now playing up to the standards he had previously set for himself, could Allvin choose to move on from him? Or is he still part of the team's «retooling» plan?
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WOW | Tocchet praises Miller in his post-game interview and it's promising

Should they trade him or is he part of the retool?

Move him3430.6 %
Build with him7769.4 %
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