MAJOR | Bettman caught in a blatant lie and the NHL may have to pay big

Published March 12, 2023 at 8:50

This case is not drawing much attention recently, even though it may be the biggest issue for the NHL this year.

It concerns possible links between chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) and hockey. Bettman has always denied any possible links, but there's been a major development as of late.

Back in 2015, Steve Montador, a 571 NHL games veteran passed away at age 35 after he had developed head traumas, that would be linked to his NHL career. As a result, the Montador family decided to sue the NHL for their loss.

Dr. Chris Nowinski, known to be a leader in this field, noted a major contradiction in Bettman's testimony and both he and the NHL should be

Per Dr. Nowinski's statement, if he says the truth and that the NHLPA did tell the truth back in 2013, it would mean that the NHL would've maintained their lie for almost a year?

If Montador was made aware of the risk, how is it possible that the NHL considers that there is no risk? At this point, this is still in development, but once again it does not shed a good look on both the League and its commissioner.

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MAJOR | Bettman caught in a blatant lie and the NHL may have to pay big

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