Former Canadien executive calls out Carey Price's wife for the issues she created

Published September 14, 2023 at 8:49

Paul Wilson was the senior vice-president of communications with Habs from 2018-2022. On Wednesday, Wilson joined BPM Sports radio for an interview.
The former Habs employee went into depth about how Angela Price, the wife of Carey, could sometimes cause issues with the team.


The interview was in french but was roughly translated by In the interview, Wilson was asked about Price and his career. In the course of conversation, Wilson said "When it comes to Carey, with Angela, who is a very active woman on social media, sometimes, she gave us a hard time..."

Wilson elaborated further saying "As an organization, you can't control what the players say...Moreover you can't tell the wives how to respond. In Angela's case, she is a very active person on social networks, she often took positions, which more or less suited us."

Angela Price has over 190,000 followers on Instagram. She is very active with 944 posts on her social media.

Angela Price is well with in her right to make the posts that she did. It is interesting to me that the Habs felt Angela could be an issue at times. I believe that it is becoming more acceptable for players and their family to post more. Only time will tell if organizations will adapt to a more post-friendly environment as social media will only continue to grow.

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