LATEST | Canucks make an announcement on Tyler Myers: Reveals the change he adopted that led to his good start

Published November 22, 2023 at 6:53 PM

The one name everybody wished got traded over the summer, Tyler Myers, has shown important improvements since the season began. The Canucks' management decided that it would be a safer bet to keep him in hopes that the new coaching staff could help him rejuvenate his game and this bet looks like a winner thus far.


Not only were there important changes to the way the coach staff used Myers, but he revealed some of the massive changes he adopted throughout the summer that let yo his transformation.

The defensemanrevealed what's been the game-changer for him. The way he gained back his confidence at the World Championship definitely helped him start things off on the right foot.

«I feel great. I've brought a calmness to my game. I know exactly what to expect. [The] coaches do a great job with that with each and every guy. I'm just enjoying it with the guys, it's been fun.

I decided to go to Worlds at the end of last year, I think that tournament really got me to the level I wanted to be at. I wanted to carry over into this year and I think I've done that."

The team's coach, Rick Tocchey even made an exciting statement about the defenseman, implying that he had been really good and perhaps, even one of the team's best defenders:

«He's been our one of our best defenceman. Just the way we want him to play, the way our system is, he's playing it.

He's embracing it, he's not getting in trouble. He knows that he's making the right play. He's making the first pass to the right guy all the time, his indirects are great. He's actually doing some really good stuff on the blue line and the penalty kill. He's been really good. Really, really good. I'm proud of him. I just like the way he came out. He wasn't as good for that Nashville game [and] he admitted it. And he just reset, and he's been great.»

With a hefty $6M salary cap hit, the Canucks may have to move his salary if they intend on improving for this year's playoff. The fact that the player is only due $1M in actual salary is definitely a selling factor for teams willing to spend the least amount of money possible.
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LATEST | Canucks make an announcement on Tyler Myers: Reveals the change he adopted that led to his good start

Should the Canucks trade Myers before the deadline?

If do-able, absolutely25044.6 %
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