MAJOR | Elias Pettersson drops bombshell regarding his contract talks: Terrible news for the Canucks

Published August 23, 2023 at 7:38

Elias Pettersson just had a monstrous season with the Canucks collecting 102 points last season. Entering the last year of his deal and eligible for an extension since July 1st, Pettey gave an update on the subject and now that he's taken the full control of the narrative, there's not much positive out of it.

Elliotte Friedman visited the Canucks' superstar and asked the one question that's burning everyone's lips. Pettey stated that he had one year left with the team and wasn't in a rush to make any decision. Here's how his response went:

‘'I'm not in a rush to sign...I don't want to rush into anything because I still don't know myself if it's going to be short term or long term.''

Here's the release Eliotte Friedman made late last night:

‘'Good morning from Stockholm. Boat ride yesterday with Elias Pettersson. He is dialled in for 2023-24very, very serious about training and nutrition. More to come, but Pettersson will wait into the season to consider an extension. He wants all his focus to be on starting strong''

However, Pettersson is taking full control of the narrative and there is no way this could end well for the Canucks since it's only going to drive the price up, especially if he puts up numbers like he did like year.

Vancouver Insider Rick Dhaliwal dropped an even more concerning tweet as his confidence wasn't at his peak. He still believes that only Time will tell if Pettey truly wants to remain in Vancouver. It's clear his mind isn't made up just yet:

The one positive out of this, is that his commitment to his objectives are really standing out. It's always been clear that he wanted to be at the head of a competing team and he's waiting to see the type of turn the Canucks are taking before he commits to that management group on the short-term or long-term, or if he even commits at all.

Pettersson is growing into one of the league's top centerman in every aspect of the game and if he puts up big numbers again prior to signing his extension, it wouldn't be a surprise if his AAV broke the $11M barrier.
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MAJOR | Elias Pettersson drops bombshell regarding his contract talks: Terrible news for the Canucks

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