MAJOR | Former Canucks captain Bo Horvat in hot waters: He's being sued in New York

Published August 23, 2023 at 9:52

Former Vancouver Canucks captain Bo Horvat has found himself in some hot water on Long Island where he's been named in a lawsuit.

According to reports, Great Neck property owner and New York Islanders center Bo Horvat, his wife Holly, and the Village of Plandome Manor are the defendants in this case, while Eastern LLC has filed the lawsuit, which is in regards to renovations made at the Nassau County property.

Horvat and co. was reportedly given approval to deposit 350 cubic yards of fill adjacent to and uphill from a pond in the area. The amount of fill that was dumped is significantly more than the 50 cubic yards which is the maximum that the area's building department is allowed to authorize.

The suit from Eastern LLC alleges that the amount of fill dumped can cause plenty of risks to the environment, including the release of nitrogen into the water that can unfortunately aid with the growth of algae and algal blooms.

"Village code 115-3 states that 'no work shall be performed or commenced for the filling, excavating or grading of land within the Village, except preliminary surveying and engineering, unless a fill, excavation and grading permit therefore has been issued by the Village Building Inspector.'

It also says 'the placement of not more than 50 cubic yards of fill material that, when placed, will not exceed the contour changes stated in subsection C(2) above nor adversely impact trees having a trunk circumference greater than 10 inches, measured at a point of four-feet-six-inches above ground level.'"

Even though Horvat and his wife were named in the lawsuit, reports that they have not been present in any Board of Zoning Appeals meetings and that a notice of violation was issued back in April.

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MAJOR | Former Canucks captain Bo Horvat in hot waters: He's being sued in New York

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