TRADE PROPOSAL | Vancouver strike a deal with Columbus and pay the price to acquire Kent Johnson?:

Published November 4, 2023 at 6:20 PM

There's been lots of talks around the NHL saying that the Canucks were the most aggressive team on the market. Patrik Allvin is trying to free up a certain amount of cap space, but the ultimate goal remains to improve the team and reward the players.


The Canucks have already opened up on the fact that they were looking to add to their blue line, especially on the right side, behind the excellent Filip Hronek.

The Jackets on their hand have made it known to be exploring their market options to unload their surplus of the Defensemen and Andrew Peeke could be an excellent candidate to join the Vancouver-based team.

Kent Johnson, the 2021 fifth overall pick, has seen is icetime decrease to the point where the team chose to sent him down to their AHL affiliate. The forward recently changed agents and he may have already asked for a trade out.

The Canucks could really come up big and strike twice if they chose to retrieve both players. A trade proposal emerged from the internets connecting the two teams in a trade and it would definitely be a blockbuster:


- Kent Johnson
- Andrew Peeke


- Anthony Beauvilier
- Jonathan Lekkerimaki
- 2024 1st Round Selection

It's definitely a stretch, the Canucks would be giving away two prime values assets in Lekkerimaki and their 2024 1st. Are they really at a stage in their retooling where they can afford to give this much future?

On the other hand, Johnson just turned 21 and that's the price you have to pay to move a 15th overall for the 5th overall. The Canucks would also be shedding a little bit of cap hit as Peeke's lower than Beauvilier's. Should Allvin be picking up the phone to call the Jackets?
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TRADE PROPOSAL | Vancouver strike a deal with Columbus and pay the price to acquire Kent Johnson?:

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