Jake Guentzel and the Canucks: Allvin preparing a gigantic offer?

Felip Gosselin
June 18, 2024  (7:41 PM)

Jake Guentzel
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The reports have all been unanimous about Jake Guentzel and the Canucks. Patrik Allvin and his management are expected to be highly aggressive on the winger.

A player of Guentzel's stature won't be going easy on the market, and there will be a lot of competition when the market officially opens on July 1st. Patrik Allvin made it clear that the Canucks would be looking to add a top-six forward to play alongside Elias Pettersson, but he'd also be looking to add speed to his line-up. The criteria that perfectly fit the veteran are 40 goalscorer and Stanley Cup Winner Jake Guentzel.
High-end offensive producer, the amount of money needed to entice Guentzel to sign, wherever that may be, will be enormous. On Canucks Army earlier, they discussed not only his market value but also the point at which the Canucks should be wary of signing the forward. According to them, Guentzel is looking to ink a 7-year deal that will most likely carry a $9M cap hit, making the contract's total $63M at the very least.
Throughout his career, Guentzel scored at a 30-goal pace for 7 out of 8 seasons; he's shown that he doesn't shy away when the stakes are at their highest. Though, the belief is that the Canucks should draw a line if his annual cap hit crosses the $10M barrier:
What would be your walkaway number for Jake Guentzel?

There's a consensus amongst the analysts that there is a unique opportunity and fit for Jake Guentzel in Vancouver. The chance to play alongside world-class players such as J.T. Miller, Elias Pettersson and Quinn Hughes is enticing, but the idea that Guentzel would have a top-end role in a team that aspires to great things might just be what he wants.
However, with the Canucks Salary Cap structure, they have to be wary of their spending, which brings ups the question: At what point should they stop?
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Jake Guentzel and the Canucks: Allvin preparing a gigantic offer?

At what point do you believe the Canucks should be walking away from Jake Guentzel?

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No more then $9M annually40225.7 %
Whatever it takes1308.3 %
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