80's Hockey again?

Published December 8, 2022 at 7:53 PM

The Vancouver Canucks have scored 13 goals in the past 2 games. They have allowed 11 goals in those past 2 games as well. They have scored 40 in their past 10, they have also allowed 36 in that past ten as well.

Welcome to the new NHL where goals are welcome and goalies are not. This is reminiscent of the Edmonton Oilers era of hockey but no one is mistaking Elias Pettersson of Wayne Gretzky or Bo Horvat as the new Mark Messier.

This run and gun offence is basically that; Run em out or they run you out. The past two games is just that. It's a case study where in order for the team to survive (as the case has been all season) is to score a lot and not let the opposition back in (it has been let in by the way).

The fourth line has even been contributing in free agent finds such as Dakota Joshua and Nils Aman. The mismatch of overpriced players and releative good finds has meshed well over the first third of the season.

The Canucks are just 2 points out of a playoff spot and that despite an 0-7 start. They are at .500 (12-12-3) and at the rate they are scoring, does anyone care?

This is happening despite losing their number one goalie and being weak on defence. In a fairly shallow pool of contenders within the division, would you like to see the Canucks make the most of their fire right now or let them burn out like our rivals in the southern Alberta region?
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80's Hockey again?

What to do about the Canucks run?

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