Big statement regarding a departure date for Bruce Boudreau

Published December 29, 2022 at 11:09

Bruce Boudreau has been headlining many, many articles since he's entered the Canucks organization. With the Canucks' struggles earlier in the season. It was, at a certain point, expected for him to lose his job.

Even though the team's been performing well as of late. It's no secret that Boudreau wasn't the choice Allvin and Rutherford would've made to develop their team, it appears that since higher management and owner had already made the choice that it wasn't in their hand until the end of his current deal.

Boudreau's contract expires at end of the current campaign and one candidates that the Canucks higher management hold in high regards has just been made available. Rikard Grönborg, a highly thought of motivator and tacticians, was relieved of his duties by the Zurich Lions. Drance and Dhaliwal were clear on their stand when they wrote on the matter:

"Grönborg's is a name to file away from a Canucks perspective for this offseason, but likely not in the context of a direct Boudreau replacement."

The Canucks view the Swedish coach as a high quality AHL head coach or assistant coach in the NHL. Therefore indicating that the plan is to develop him furthermore rather than giving him the reigns with no experience. Though they've made an interesting revelation regarding Boudreau's departure date:

''More performances like those this team put in against Edmonton and San Jose on either side of the Christmas break would go a long way toward keeping Boudreau behind the Canucks bench through 82 games this season. ''

As stated earlier, Allvin and Rutherford aren't Boudreau no.1 fan, but Drance and Dhaliwal wouldn't surprised if he was ousted by the club before the end of the season. It seems certain that he will pack his bags at the end of the 2023 season.

From there, will the Nucks look into the possibility of having a transition coach? Someone like Barry Trotz perhaps, to show a young Grönborg the ropes of the NHL?

SOURCE: The Athletic
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Big statement regarding a departure date for Bruce Boudreau

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Grönborg to the NHL right away144.3 %
Transition coach with Grönborg as an assistant5215.9 %
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