Bruce Boudreau Answers Questions On Canucks Podcast

Published February 23, 2023 at 9:37

When the Vancouver Canucks hired Bruce Boudreau as the team's new head Coach, Boudreau was welcomed with open arms. Many of those fans supported Boudreau up until his firing back in late January, with "We Stand With Bruce" signs and chants of "Bruce, There It Is."

Boudreau was recently on a Canucks podcast show called "Donnie & Dhali: The Team" and was asked point blank:

"Bruce you left Vancouver with a winning record are you angry at anybody?"

Boudreau would say:

"No. Nope, I mean um I'm grateful really to Francesco for giving me the opportunity. I mean I was out of work for a year and then you start to think you won't get the opportunity, then you get the opportunity to coach part of two years more. Um, I'm grateful because I thought I might be done and I wasn't. It just gave me the thought that no I'm not done and I still got the passion, and got the energy to still do the job. So I was really happy I got that opportunity and I thought it was a great parcel of two years of my life being there."

You have to give respect to Boudreau, he could've called out the Canucks Management on how they went about firing Boudreau, but he took to higher road and he's respected even more for doing so.

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Bruce Boudreau Answers Questions On Canucks Podcast

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