Player Gets Attacked For Not Wanting To Fight Causing Mayhem!

Published February 22, 2023 at 4:52 PM

Things looked liked a scene from the hockey movie Slap Shot in the Ligue Nord-Americaine de Hockey League this past weekend.

The League has already had a bad reputation as the most hard-core physically violent league in the world. During a game the Laval North Petroliers' player named Derek Parker, who's basically the goon of the league, would lose his s**t out of no where, on a opposing player named Patrick Bordeleau from the Jonquiere Marquis team.

Parker nailed Bordeleau with a cheap shot who then needed assistance off the ice. Bordeleau declined a challenge to a fight. One of Bordeleau's teammates, Chris Cloutier, looked like he was gonna drop the gloves with Parker but decided not too, which was probably a smart decision.

From the video footage it looks like Parker intended to injure Bordeleau. Hopefully the league says enough is a enough and gives Parker a serious suspension because that hit was uncalled for.
February 22   |   50 answers
Player Gets Attacked For Not Wanting To Fight Causing Mayhem!

How many games Should Parker Be Suspended?

No suspension714 %
1-2 games612 %
2-4 games816 %
5 or more2958 %
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