LATEST | Analysts have identified the first player that needs to be moved and the reason why

Published March 31, 2023 at 10:12

The Canucks will be facing tough decisions this summer since they will need to shed off some salary. They're currently spending humongous amounts of money on wingers and underperforming defensemen and they need to make something in that department.

While have been evoked as possible outcomes, Patrik Allvin and Jim Rutherford need to observe every possibility to avoid having cap penalties. Three names that keep coming up are Tyler Myers, Oliver Ekman-Larsson, and Brock Boeser who respectively account for over $20M in salary. While Boeser has picked it up nicely since Tocchet came in, the two others aren't playing up to their money.

On Sportsnet650, they discussed the issue and made an extremely good point when they actually listed Conor Garland as the first player that needed to go. While he's been a consistent 45 to the 50-point player for the last two seasons, a team that means to be competitive can't afford a $5M 3rd line-winger.

‘'It's so uninspiring... your best player on the third line is a winger who doesn't play special teams and makes $5 million... you gotta move (Garland).''

Shah does make a really intriguing point, Garland doesn't excel on the powerplay and is definitely not a penalty kill specialist. In a team struggling with cap space, is it really worth it to spend $5M / yearly on a third-line winger that may not reach 50 points this year?

The Canucks are in desperate need to find a 3rd line centerman, that can win draws and take minutes on the PK to take some workload off of Miller and Pettersson, is this where they can find that money?

The ongoing belief was that Brock Boeser would be the next name out of Vancouver, however, his season-end resurgence has him in the new coach's good graces. He may have had a change of heart with his desire to be moved, so in that line of thoughts, should Conor Garland be the first name out of the door?
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LATEST | Analysts have identified the first player that needs to be moved and the reason why

Is Garland the player that needs to go?

Yes11747.2 %
No4719 %
Lots of names that need to be moved before Garland8433.9 %
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