LATEST | NHL finally opens up on the Team Canada World Junior scandal

Published August 29, 2023 at 1:54 PM

The results of the NHL's investigation into the 2018 Canadian World Junior team has yet to been released and a lot of people in the hockey world are becoming frustrated with how long things are taking.

It's been reported that teams around the league are bracing for suspensions, but it's unclear when we may find out about those.

While in Stockholm, Sweden for the European NHL Media Tour, Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly was asked for an update by Michael Russo of The Athletic.

Daly said that while these things take time and that they needed to ensure they have as much information as possible, he expects the final report to be completed very shortly.

"No, because I think the investigation takes whatever time it needs to take. You want to do a thorough job. You want to get all the information you can. I think it's only fair to gather all the information you can. I do think we expect to see a final report very shortly, and then what flows from that is really an unknown at this point. But I expect that that'll play out, this is going to sound redundant, but sooner rather than later." Daly said.

With the National Hockey League's 2023-24 season set to begin in roughly six weeks, teams are likely wanting to know of any potential suspensions sooner rather than later so they can adjust their rosters accordingly.

Source: The Athletic
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LATEST | NHL finally opens up on the Team Canada World Junior scandal

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