LATEST | Rick Tocchet explains why he was so harsh on Andrei Kuzmenko

Published May 5, 2023 at 12:48

Rick Tocchet took over the team's bench in order to install a new culture and offer a more ''structured'' strategy. The Canucks' late-season surge clearly shows that his plan worked. One thing that did not go unnoticed, was the usage he made of the Canucks' Russian star who'd been electric prior to his arrival.

Kuzmenko did not slow down even when Tocchet took over, however, the harsh treatment he gave him had analysts and fans wondering whether it was a good strategy or not.

The bench boss gave interviews this last week and it really shed light on his intentions regarding the star goalscorer.

‘'For us to win we have to have players that play a team game. There is more to his game to be a complete player''

Tocchet repeatedly stated that he intended bring out the best out of the skilled offensive forward. Throughout the year he stated that they were in it for the long term with him. Kuzmenko completed his first NHL season with 39 goals and 74 points in 81 games. Had he come a year earlier he definitely would've been in contention for the Calder Trophy.

What will remain a mystery until the 2023-2024 season kicks in, is whether or not Kuzmenko will remain as offensively productive as he develops the defensive upside to his game.
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LATEST | Rick Tocchet explains why he was so harsh on Andrei Kuzmenko

Can he be as big of an offensive threat while improving his defensive game?

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No4019.2 %
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