LATEST | Tocchet shows outstanding leadership in last night's post-game interview

Published March 17, 2023 at 10:33

The Canucks came up short last night while they visited the infamous Mullet Arena. The Coyotes had the better of them and cut the Nucks' winning streak to 5.

A lot of things can explain the team's loss, the special units were horrendous. The team failed to come out strong when they needed to and Rick Tocchet was very well aware of the issue. However, when he was asked about the team's failure in his post-game-interview, Tocchet showed real leadership and took a part of the problem upon himself:

» Yeah the powerplay wasn't good, we were sleepy tonight. Maybe we thought it was going to be easy... It's my job to get them prepared, I guess I didn't get them prepared, we had a day off yesterday maybe that's what, I don't know, but I didn't like our game at all..., We got to get back to our work boots«

It surely shows a great deal to see a coach take part of the blame when his team delivers a lackluster performance. Obviously, Tocchet is not about to lace his skates to play but the fact that he stood up and took the blame instead of throwing his team under the bus shows great strength and great leadership.

The Canucks have been having it rough since the beginning of the season and a new wind has been blowing on them since Tocchet arrived. As Miller noted earlier this week, it's clear that the atmosphere at the rink is different and that they cleared the air nicely by eliminating distractions all-around the club.

The fanbase was quite furious when the Canucks' management announced that Tocchet would be taking over from Bruce Boudreau, now that he's been here for a while, how are we feeling about his impact on the team?
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LATEST | Tocchet shows outstanding leadership in last night's post-game interview

Is Tocchet a better fit for this line-up than Boudreau was?

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