Bruce Boudreau makes a statement on Elias Pettersson and his future that ought to make people excited

Published March 16, 2023 at 8:47 PM

Although Bruce's tenure as the team coach wasn't as long nor as successful as he'd hoped, he left quite the print in Vancouver, and even today, Bruce Boudreau is still very much loved in the city.

Today while on air with Jackie Redmond, he made the most intriguing statement on the team‘s very own superstar. Boudreau made his way back to our TV when he got his job at the NHL Network and today he was asked to comment on the success Pettersson was having, and the words he shared are enough to know that the Canucks have a gem in the making:

"I really believe Elias Pettersson could be the future Captain of the Vancouver Canucks. I've seen him grow from last year to this year to even more as the seasons gone on..."

Not only does he see Pettey as the team's next captain, but he believes that he will reach the 120 points mark at some point in his career, even if it's not this year. Obviously, Boudreau thinks, and I quote, Elias is fabulous:

Boudreau incenses Pettersson's competitive will and need for challenges, it's become clear to this point that both these men have grown close over the time they've spent together. At this point, Tocchet also holds Pettersson in high esteem, and the Swede has not yet slowed down since he's still on pace to break the 100-point barrier for the first time in his career.

It's no secret that Elias Petterson is a very special player and most certainly this team's future, does Boudreau see things right? Is Pettersson growing into one of the top players in the league? Over the last 5 seasons, only two players managed to break the 120-point barrier and only one of them has done it more than once. Nikita Kucherov and Connor McDavid. McDavid has done it yet again this year, but there is no confirmation that another player will reach that barrier as well. Is Pettersson the next one to get there?
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Bruce Boudreau makes a statement on Elias Pettersson and his future that ought to make people excited

Will Pettersson be the team's next captain?

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