MAJOR | 2022 Third Overall Pick refusing to sign in Arizona: Could be available to every other team

Published May 19, 2023 at 7:19 PM

The Coyotes' situation has caused quite a stir around the league especially since their star forward Clayton Keller came up and openly talked about his disappointment.

Elliott Friedman set the record clear regarding what he had asked. Keller had a meeting with the team in that regard and revealed his expectations to the team

"Clayton Keller had a meeting yesterday with the Coyotes... Now I want to make this very clear, there is no trade request here, but I think what Keller did say is that he wants direction, and reasonably quickly, on the future of the franchise on and off the ice."

Now this whole saga took another turn today since the fans turned over to the team's top prospect, Logan Cooley. Concerns had been raised due to the fact that the team still hadn't put the superstar in the making under contract. Today he revealed that he'd be back in the NCAA, refusing to sign with the Coyotes.

''Logan Cooley — drafted third overall last season by ARIZ — returns to University of Minnesota''

Cooley was the 3rd Overall pick in the 2022 Draft and it's really unusual for high-end prospects to refuse NHL contracts, especially after they have dominated the NCAA. Cooley was the author of 60 Points in only 39 games, led his team to the Frozen Four final (NCAA's Stanley Cup), and was a Hobey-Baker finalist (Top Collegiate Player).

Cooley could refuse to sign and literally choose his future destination just like Adam Fox had done it a few years back, or even Kevin Hayes. With all this uncertainty about the Coyotes' future, it's hard to blame him. If he were to hit the market freely, he could definitely change the face of a franchise.
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MAJOR | 2022 Third Overall Pick refusing to sign in Arizona: Could be available to every other team

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