MAJOR | Canucks could be offering over $100M in a historical contract to Pettersson

Felip Gosselin
March 18, 2023  (2:44 PM)

Elias Pettersson has been a true force since the season started and he's now developed into the player everybody thought he'd be when the Canucks selected him with the 5th Overall Pick in 2017.

This summer will be a determining time for the Franchise's next 10 years since when July 1st comes, the Canucks' top player, Elias Pettersson will be eligible for a contract extension. Pettersson has grown into a superstar in the league and the Canucks certainly have to ink him to the longest possible term given the value he brings to the table.
They discussed the subject on Sportsnet 650 and not only did they stated that the whole off-season was going to be about this extension, but they opened up to massive amounts of money to ensure that the Swede remains in Vancouver for the longest time:
''The Pettersson contract talk IS the off-season, even if it doesn't happen.'' ... ''I think they're going to come in pretty aggressively, that's what makes sense ..., if you come in and your prepared to put in a $100M offer, that goes an awful long way.''

At this point, there is no knowledge of what Pettersson's strategy will be moving forward. Whether or not is he willing to sign an extension or wait until the cap increases, either way, the Canucks can't lose the opportunity to sign their top player long-term, but should they really come out this aggressively and offer him a McDavid-type deal? A $100M deal over 8 years would give a $12.5M AAV.
His agent also represents Mat Barzal, and when he was on Donnie and Dhali earlier this year he stated that Barzal and Pettersson would be looking at similar deals. Barzal inked an 8 year deal worth $73.2M with a $9.15M AAV, would that be a more reasonable offer for Pettersson?
One thing is certain though, Allvin and Rutherford absolutely can't handle these extension talks as they did with Horvat. Pettersson is too important to this team to try and lowball him.