MAJOR | New City enters the chat for an NHL expansion team

Published April 16, 2023 at 7:44 PM

The NHL's newest expansion franchises have been quite a success. Seattle and Las Vegas have been hosting two of the most profitable teams in the league. Bettman stated that, even though it wasn't in the league's plans to expand for now, the door was not closed. I mean, who's dumb enough to say no to additional revenue, especially when it's all you think about?


NHL insider, Kevin Weekes, pointed out today that the city of Atlanta was set to make a major announcement regarding a new hockey team. He then asked if the NHL would be interested to renew with the Atlanta region since we all know how that went the first time around.

At this point, if the NHL does open the door to expanding past 32 teams, how can they close the door on Quebec or even Houston who've already shown their interest? Quebec built a brand-new arena just a few years ago, which is being used by the QMJHL's Quebec Remparts.

Another option that could present itself, could be the relocation of an existing team. Since the Coyotes are without a 'confirmed' home, they surely represent the top option, however, the Winnipeg Jets could also fit the bill since they currently have the smallest rink in the NHL.

While Canadian markets rarely have financial troubles, the most recent reports show that the Jets have had issues with selling out their rink. Although many fans will despise this possibility, it may be something Bettman considers.

Should the NHL consider an expansion, would Atlanta be a viable option with a new rink? Or should the NHL aim for more established markets such as Quebec City?

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MAJOR | New City enters the chat for an NHL expansion team

What city should be awarded the next available NHL franchise?

Quebec City54881.9 %
Houston9313.9 %
Atlanta284.2 %
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