MAJOR | Scandal blowing up in the OHL involving parents and bribery

Published March 29, 2023 at 11:43

There are no limits to what a parent can do for his child and history has proven that over and over again. However, on some occasions, parents can go over the limit of what is deemed acceptable and the latest reports of what came out of the Ontario Hockey League member of the CHL is yet another example of it.

The commissioner of the Ontario Hockey League, David Branch, has made a statement confirming the hiring of a private investigator to look into claims that parents have been paying bribes to secure their child's position on a team. The news of this investigation has caused shockwaves throughout the hockey community, leaving many questioning how this could have happened.

Although the idea of parents bribing their way into hockey programs is not a new concept, it is still shocking to see it occurring at this level. The Ontario Hockey League is one of the most esteemed junior hockey leagues in the world, and the fact that parents are resorting to such tactics to guarantee a spot for their child is cause for concern.

''OHL Commissioner David Branch confirms league hired an investigator to probe allegations that several hockey parents paid for their sons to be selected in 2022 OHL draft.

Three GTHL coaches have told me they have evidence (text msgs) of parents paying $30K+.''

The repercussions of this behavior extend beyond the families involved. It undermines the integrity of the league and the efforts and dedication of players who have rightfully earned their position on a team through hard work and talent. It also sends a hazardous message to young players, suggesting that success can be purchased instead of earned.

Although it is important to acknowledge the commitment and dedication of most hockey parents, it is equally important to address and denounce this unacceptable behavior. The league has taken a step in the right direction by initiating an investigation, but it will require continuous efforts to ensure that the integrity of the sport remains intact. It is essential to remind parents that their role is to support and encourage their child's aspirations, not to purchase them.
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MAJOR | Scandal blowing up in the OHL involving parents and bribery

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