MAJOR | The Swedes refuse to pay and it confirms bad news for Elias Pettersson

Published April 26, 2023 at 3:01 PM

The Men's World Championship will be kicking off its activities in May. At this point, Elias Pettersson, Conor Garland, and Ethan Bear have already confirmed their participation with their respective countries.

However, Elias Pettersson will not be available for the tournament as confirmed by this Swede media and Patrick Johnston. An insurance issue keeps Pettersson away from participating in the international event.

‘'Postmedia has confirmed that the Vancouver Canucks' star center has been unable to secure an insurance policy that would protect him against the loss of future earnings, should he sustain a debilitating injury while playing for Sweden.''

This comes as a huge blow for Pettey who really hoped to be reunited with his former coach, Sam Hallam, and the Swede's team.

The fact that Pettey had not yet signed an extension is in cause since the Swede Hockey Federation deemed it would've been too expensive to insure a non-existent contract. Is there really a price for such a talented player? Bad News for Pettey, good news for the Canucks, since if he isn't playing the risk of injury is next to none.

SOURCE: The Province
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MAJOR | The Swedes refuse to pay and it confirms bad news for Elias Pettersson

Where will the Swedes finish in the World Cup knowing that Pettey won't be playing?

1st119 %
2nd2520.5 %
3rd5444.3 %
4th or worse3226.2 %
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