New development in the Boeser saga

Published December 6, 2022 at 5:26 PM

It's everywhere, all we hear about recently in the news and different podcast is about the Brock Boeser situation.

Pierre LeBrun has revealed, just now, that only one team was willing to get serious in the Boeser case.

Only issue there is that unless the Canucks are retaining salary, they didn't want to get involved. LeBrun also stated that at that point the Canucks weren't willing to go there. Since they're most likely trying to free cap space, it's pretty understandable.

It was also revealed from the analysts on Canucks Central that the Canucks weren't hot to the idea of trading into their division.

Out of the 24 teams remaining, who's the one that wants Boeser, but not his salary?
December 6   |   656 answers
New development in the Boeser saga

How long until Boeser packs his bags?

Before 2023.7912 %
Between Jan 1st and the deadline.27341.6 %
Not until the draft7611.6 %
Not moving at all22834.8 %
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