REVIEW: 1st Round of the 2019 Draft

Published December 3, 2022 at 5:31

Vasili Podkolzin was a top pick in the 2019 Draft Class, recognized as a skilled winger that competed hard and had the tools to develop into a high scoring threat.

The Canucks selected him with the 10th overall pick, right after a certain Trevor Zegras that's been absolutely lighting it up since his arrival in Anaheim.

The selection that were made afterward represents the real intrigue:

12. Minnessota - Matt Boldy
13. Florida - Spencer Knight

15. Montreal - Cole Caufield

Boldy is a big bodied winger that plays alongside Kaprizov, he's skilled and strong along the wall. He does everything on the, from winning battles to finishing in close. He's put up 56 points in 69 games since he's made his NHL debut.

Knight was in the crease agains the Nucks when Florida visited. He's currently stealing the net from former Vézina winner Sergei Bobrovsky. You witnessed his talents when he was in town.

Caufield on the other hand, might be a revelation. Small speedy winger, he his developing into an elite goal scorer in the league. He won the honey baker trophy before entering the NHL and he's put up 70 points (40 goals) in 100 games since then. He'll be in town with the Canadiens Monday.

Now Podkolzin joined the team last season, he's had 29 points in 95 NHL games and was sent down just a few days to get some ice time in the minors.

Everybody knows Podkolzin has the tools to become an excellent offensive player in this league, what's the best development plan for him now?
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REVIEW: 1st Round of the 2019 Draft

The way these youngsters have developed, who would've been your pick at no. 10

Podkolzin816.7 %
Caufield2552.1 %
Boldy1327.1 %
Knight24.2 %
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