Spittin Chiclets Gives A Huge Idea on How To Fix The NHL All-Star Game

Published February 13, 2023 at 2:36 PM

The NHL held their annual All-Star Game last month in the home of the Florida Panthers, the FLA Live Arena. Many have criticized the whole All-star weekend, feeling it's lost its way.

The NHL tried to cover up the poor attendance, that we could clearly see was far from a sellout. This has people talking what can possibly fix the NHL All-Star game and make even the hardcore fan actually want to watch it.

Well, this topic was discussed on the hit podcast show Spittin Chiclets and they gave us an idea that possibly might be very intriguing: making it country vs country.

"Suggesting a 3 on 3 tournament you bring the 6 or 7 best guys from each country, you gotta promote the nationalism aspect of it, because people are going to this game now and your not rooting for anyone.

You right for your guy who's there right, I root for "Pasta" He's a Bruins guy, but I'm not gonna root for the Atlantic Division. But I'll tell you what if US was in there?

Imagine a US Russia game, or a Sweden vs Finland game? I'm a thousand percent gonna root for that. I'd be going crazy for that. So I think they need to find a way to ditch the division's bring in the Nationalism were each guy can represent his team and his Country and I think you do it like that."

Not gonna lie that sounds awesome! I'd too be down with seeing Canada vs USA or other countries battle it out for a real All-Star battle.
February 13   |   25 answers
Spittin Chiclets Gives A Huge Idea on How To Fix The NHL All-Star Game

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