The market for Horvat is dressing up, one team out and a new team in

Felip Gosselin
January 18, 2023  (2:45 PM)

Up to this day the Vancouver Canucks' leading goal scorer and team captain Bo Horvat is still considered the top trade bait amongst the Hockey staff at the Athletic and with reason.

The Hurricanes had called on Bo Horvat, which makes perfect sense as well since they're definitely a cup contender and an acquisition like Horvat would definitely be a difference-maker in the playoffs. Though Pierre Lebrun made an interesting comment on the matter when he stated that the Canes would not go any further on the Horvat case since they were definitely not giving up Martin Necas.
''Carolina struggled offensively last year in the playoffs, what a boost he could be, and he skates. Which is what the team is about in terms of speed, but the price is too steep for the Hurricanes. ... The Canucks would want a young center as a multi-asset package, they're not getting Martin Necas from the Carolina Hurricanes.''

The reports notably indicate that the Devils have constantly been interested in Horvat's services. Although they have one of the top centerman duo, it would make sense for them to pursue an older guy that's got leadership in him as well. The Devils have plenty of assets that could fit within the Canucks' ask for their captain. The 2022 2nd Round Pick is a right-handed defenseman, Simon Nemec, and Dawson Mercer a young freshman in the NHL that can both play wing and center. They've also got plenty of other names down in the AHL that could definitely be interesting.
Once again Seattle's interest in the centerman has been confirmed, but this time coming from a different source. Would it really make sense for the Canucks to trade to a divisional rival? If we're talking about Shane Wright it may be worth having a discussion.
"One team I have been told that has been consistent in the pursuit of Horvat is Seattle.."

Horvat is most likely being dealt, if the Devils were to make a move on the Canucks' captain, would a package starting with Nemec and Mercer be a good deal?

SOURCE: Canucks Central
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The market for Horvat is dressing up, one team out and a new team in

Would Nemec and Mercer be a good enough package for Horvat

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