MAJOR | Massive piece of information just dropped regarding Tyler Myers and his bonus

Published July 7, 2023 at 6:24 PM
Patrik Allvin and the Canucks have been extremely involved in recent trade talks since Oliver Ekman-Larsson's massive buy-out was executed. One name that's been circulating a lot for the latest while is the big-format defenseman, Tyler Myers.

Myers will enter the last year of a 5-year deal worth $30M; from the moment this deal was signed, it's been extremely costly for the Canucks. This isn't privileged information, Myers will be given only $1M in salary this year, but a hefty bonus will be paid in his name before the season's beginning.

The ongoing belief was that the Canucks were waiting on the bonus to be paid up before they moved the defenseman (the due date was supposedly September 15th). However, recent information revealed that the Canucks could choose to pay that bonus before its due date. Here's the sequence on the subject:

'I think Tyler Myers is going to get dealt...I believe that bonus was paid this week, based on the info I have. If it hasn't...the #Canucks can opt to pay it early so they can facilitate a trade. That is an option."

We've been hearing Tyler Myers' name increasingly in trade talks. Recent reports suggested that Allvin wanted to make more hires on free agency and Myers' contract could be the piece the Canucks need to move out in order to make that happen.
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MAJOR | Massive piece of information just dropped regarding Tyler Myers and his bonus

Will Myers be a part of the Canucks once the season starts?

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