Sam Bennett scoring on Linus Ullmark
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Controversial goal arise conspiracy theories: Bruins screwed over

Published May 12, 2024 at 8:06 PM

NHL officiating has been under fire lately for several very intriguing calls. The conspiracy theories have risen like crazy over the last few days, game number two between the Canucks and the Oilers, and now game number four between the Bruins and Panthers.

Sam Bennett scored a crucial goal to help his Panthers capture a third win in their series with the Bruins. Just before the puck landed in the back of the net, Bennett shoved his coverage, Charlie Coyle, into Jeremy Swayman. While Bennett didn't directly commit interference on the B's B'sminder, he did create consternation in the crease, and CoylCoyle'ssence did affect SwaySwayman'sential ability to make that save.

Here's the sequence:

Explain to me how this is a good goal. Conspiracy against the Bruins continues. Bennett shouldn't be playing.

The NHL allowed the goal was enough to bring back the conspirator, but when the NHL situation room issued its official explanation on the play, things went even further.

From the NHL Situation Room: «Video review supported the Referees' call on the ice that that the shove by Florida's Sam Bennett on Charlie Coyle and the subsequent contact with Jeremy Swayman did not prevent Swayman from playing his position in the crease prior to Bennett's goal.»

Fair to say that after Bennett's vicious play, the one that took Brad Marchand out of contention for game number four, the Bruins and their fans are screaming injustice.

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Controversial goal arise conspiracy theories: Bruins screwed over

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