Keith Yandle shares a hilarious story of stealing J.T. Miller's car

Cooper Godin
May 6, 2024  (1:21 PM)

Former NHLer Keith Yandle on the Morning Cuppa Hockey podcast.
Photo credit: Morning Cuppa Hockey

Canucks forward J.T. Miller has become a fan favourite no matter where he's played in his National Hockey League career whether it was New York, Tampa Bay or now, Vancouver. His teammates, for the most part, have enjoyed having him on their team and that was the case with Keith Yandle when they were together with the Rangers.

During his time with the New York Rangers, Keith Yandle and Kevin Hayes played the ultimate prank on J.T. Miller, stealing his car and leaving on the West Side Highway in New York City.
Keith Yandle shared the hilarious story while a guest on Morning Cuppa Hockey podcast.
"J.T. Miller's. At the end of the year, your year-end meeting, it's kind of it goes in order of seniority and I was, I mean we had St. Louis, Dan Boyle. We had, you know, a ton of guys and I was probably, maybe 7 or 8 down. Rick Nash was on there. So I like came in and Nasher was waiting and I'm like 'what are you waiting for, you're Rick Nash'. He was like 'oh, Millsies in there'. I was like, 'what??'" Yandle said.

He added, "He was a rookie, yeah and he was and I love Millsy. Millsies one of my all-time favourite teammates, I love him. And yeah, he was like 'Millsy, he's in there, apparently he's got to get home' and I'm like 'get home?' The guy lives in East Palestine, Ohio, like what does he need to get home to. So I'm like 'what does this hillbilly need to get home for?'. His car is right outside, still running, his car is still running, all this stuff in there. So I just went in and I'm like 'Haysy [Kevin Hayes], grab your car, follow me'. I jumped in and we drove it, I think he had like a Dodge Durango or something it was like a soccer mom's car, he was like 20-years-old, it was great. But yeah, I think he learned his lesson."

Hearing stories like this between teammates/former teammates are always great, but this one is certainly an all-timer. I personally wonder what J.T. Miller's reaction to his car being stolen by Keith Yandle was and how he was once he found out his car was on the side of a highway.
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Keith Yandle shares a hilarious story of stealing J.T. Miller's car

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