LATEST | J.T. Miller bound to break franchise records

Published August 2, 2023 at 7:51 PM

Ever since J.T. Miller was acquired by the Canucks, he's been an absolute offensive menace. The American found his stride when he moved to Vancouver has he recorded 299 points in only 283 games.

Currently sitting on the 29th rank for scoring in Canucks history, the explosive number 9 could very reasonably enter the top 20. Cliff Roning currently holds that spot with 328 career points with the franchise. Given that Miller produces at a point per game rate like he's done the past four years, he'd be climbing 17, one rank behind Canucks' legend Alex Burrows who had 384 points.

J.T. has now entered year one of his massive $56M extension and he'll most likely spend the next 7 years of his life in Vancouver. With that much time on his hands and under Tocchet's guidance, how many franchise mark can he reach?

August 2   |   848 answers
LATEST | J.T. Miller bound to break franchise records

How many points his Miller scoring this year?

60 or less738.6 %
60-7012114.3 %
70-8023027.1 %
Over 8042450 %
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