REPORT | Kuzmenko among several NHLers who may be banned from KHL

Published July 9, 2023 at 10:42
The KHL has been known to go to extreme lengths to keep their players in their league, with the most recent case being Ivan Fedotov. Fedotov was set to head over to North America last summer after signing with the Flyers, but he was arrested for what was called 'evasion of military service'. He served nearly one year in the Russian military before his service ended.

Well, it appears that the KHL has a new plan to keep their players at home, rather than trying to head over to the National Hockey League.

According to Sergei Gimaev Jr, a former Russian professional player, the KHL may ban players from returning, who leave for North America with a valid contract in the National Hockey League.

Note: the following quote is translated from Russian.

"I know that the KHL may impose restrictions on players who left with a valid contract. If such hockey players leave, they will not be able to return for several years. Players will start to wonder if they should go if they can't return to the KHL for example in the next five years." Gimaev Jr. said to Match TV.

He added, "The KHL has leverage in the current situation. The NHL in the Fedotov case tried to make our league as guilty as possible. It is clear that we all want normal relationships without stealing players. But we see what is really happening,"

While there's nothing official as of Sunday, July 9th, If a ban went into place, it would cause serious implications for players wanting to return to the KHL within the next five years or so. The ban could affect Vancouver Canucks forward Andrei Kuzmenko, Nikita Gusev, among several others.

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REPORT | Kuzmenko among several NHLers who may be banned from KHL

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