Massive development regarding Jake Guentzel and his future in Vancouver

Felip Gosselin
June 11, 2024  (8:32 PM)

Jake Guentzel celebrating against the Islanders
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The Canucks have made it crystal clear they'd be looking to add another game-breaking winger to their core as they head to free agency. Various names have surfaced, but it appears that Jake Guentzel is back in the running.

A report came out when the season ended that the former Penguins forward wished to play down in the States. Rick Dhaliwal updated on the case and said the two-time 40-Goalscorer had not taken Vancouver out of his plans. He was willing to come to the Canucks at the deadline, and things haven't changed since then. He even highlighted that the possibility of playing alongside the Canucks' superstar Swede Elias Pettersson was quite enticing.
Given that the Canucks were open to the idea of giving Elias Lindholm $7M per year for the next seven years, why not add an extra one or perhaps two to get Jake Guentzel?
"If the #Canucks are willing to give Lindholm $7 million, why not just add 1 to 2 million to go after Jake Guentzel?.."

The guys talked earlier if Jake Guentzel could be a fit for the #Canucks

Guentzel, soon to be 30, would fill a much bigger need for the Canucks. He's experienced, knows how to get it done during the playoffs and could be the goalscorer Elias Pettersson needs by his side.
The Penguins chose to part ways with him at the trade deadline, and the Canucks came up short of acquiring him. He ended up with the Carolina Hurricanes, eventually eliminated by the Rangers in the playoffs' second round.
Guentzel proved that he could be as performant while playing with someone other then Sidney Crosby, the winger collected an impressive 25 points through 17 games with the Canes. He even added 9 through 11 during the playoffs while taking on critical defensive missions.
Through his career, Guentzel scored over 30 goals and registered over 70 points four times since his career started, it could've been six had his seasons not been cut short due to the shortened seasons. Given his proven pedigree, should the Canucks go all-in for the free agency market's top winger?
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Massive development regarding Jake Guentzel and his future in Vancouver

Should the Canucks feel comfortable offering Jake Guentzel more money then they gave J.T. Miller?

$8M at max100141.9 %
$9M at max43518.2 %
$10M at max562.3 %
He's not worth that89837.6 %
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