Analyst links the Maple Leafs to two Canucks forward

Published December 28, 2022 at 1:10 PM

With their lackluster performances of this season, the Canucks have found themselves in every trade talks as sellers and new information has just popped up in regarding the matter.

Cam Charron, now a journalist for The Athletic, used to work for the Maple Leafs' front office. He made the most intriguing comment regarding two players the Leafs might be after in Vancouver.

He stated in a recent tweet that Toronto would definitely look into Horvat but that the two players that fits their needs better are Nils Hoglander and Conor Garland (if the Leafs can figure out the salary cap issue with it). As an advanced stats guru, Charron has seen Garland's skills at 5-on-5 and he believes he'd be a match in the Leafs' lineup.

On my end, I'd never consider moving a young Nils Hoglander. It's been stated already that the Canucks were looking at the possibility of moving Garland, I'd be intrigued to see what kind of return he could fetch. Could it be a match for Garland in Toronto? Moving his contract would certainly give more room to a possible extension for Bo Horvat.
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Analyst links the Maple Leafs to two Canucks forward

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