BREAKING | Darren Dreger reveals why Jakob Chychrun hasn't been traded yet and it's embarrassing for the NHL

Published February 17, 2023 at 9:23

Another Insider Trading episode took place yesterday and they once again delivered with big news. Darren Dreger made a revelation that‘s quite unsettling for the trade market.

On Saturday, information was leaked which pretty much confirmed a Chychrun trade to the Los Angeles Kings, though major setback occurred and things have cooled down quite a bit since then, even though Chychrun has been a healthy scratch for the Coyotes' last three games.

Darren Dreger revealed why the deal had not yet happened:

"The fact that, even though it's believed that Bill Armstrong and the Arizona Coyotes want to be creative, they're not willing to take on contracts beyond entry-level contracts."

This is turning out to be an absolute joke, the Coyotes are trying to spend the lowest amount of money and because of it, can't complete trades on players that want out of this hole.

Dregger then added what the perfect scenario for the Coyotes would be and it only confirms the theory:

"The perfect scenario for the Coyotes is to get draft picks, to get prospects, and at worst a player on his entry-level deal. Now teams have expressed the interest required to make that deal, but they also need some money to move along to make all of the mechanics work and so far that hasn't been the case as far as Arizona is concerned and that's part of the stalemate."

Jakob Chychrun carries a $4.6M AAV until 2025, it's not that big of a contract, but there aren't that many contending teams that have the cap space to absorb all of that money. Especially since the cap isn't suspected to be going up.

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman is forcing things to have a team in Arizona but the organization and their 5000-seat arena aren't getting it done. Now it's turned into a joke and something's got to change. A team restraining from trades because they don't want to spend money is definitely something that should not happen.

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BREAKING | Darren Dreger reveals why Jakob Chychrun hasn't been traded yet and it's embarrassing for the NHL

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