BREAKING: Demko out longer then expected

Published December 7, 2022 at 12:37

Donnie and Dhali made quite the revelation this morning on their show.

It was announced that the Canucks' GM, Patrik Allvin, wasn't on the market for a goaltender, but he would move if the price was right.

If we read between the lines, the Canucks aren't ringing every GM's phone, but if a goaltender were to become available and in the Canucks' price range, they'd pull the trigger.

The Canucks shopping for a masked man announces two things:

1. Thatcher Demko will most likely be out for a longer time than the original 6 weeks;

2. Canucks don't have enough fate in Spencer Martin to give him every start until Demko's return.

Let it be reminded that Martin allowed 4 goals on 8 shots in Monday's game against the Canadiens.
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