BREAKING: Horvat's value on July 1st revealed

Published December 8, 2022 at 1:26 PM

With the recent news that Horvat had received an embarrassing first offer, everyone is pessimistic about Horvat resigning with the club .

It's been revealed earlier today that some of the GMs around the league see a younger Ryan O'Reilly in Bo Horvat.

O'Reilly is a former Selke winner, along with the Stanley Cup and Conn Smyth. It was confirmed that these same GM's would be willing to go up to $9M per year in order to get Horvat on their line up.

The Canucks original offer which we presume was offered before the season started, stood at $5.125M for 8 years. Which is almost half of what he could hope for on the open market.

The way it's trending, do you still believe there's a chance of seeing Horvat resigning with the team or is he packing his bags?
December 8   |   255 answers
BREAKING: Horvat's value on July 1st revealed

What's happening with Horvat?

Sign him at 9M whatever it takes!5722.4 %
Trade him4417.3 %
Try and sign him at 8M he loves Vancouver15460.4 %
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