Bieksa bites Back

Published December 10, 2022 at 9:55 PM

Kevin Bieksa puts his say on things that happened back during the Vancouver Canuck playoff run;

His response was to Zdeno Chara's comments on a recent Boston podcast;

"After losing two games in Vancouver, we saw players from Vancouver coming on the ice in the Garden, and they were actually practicing how they would be lifting the Cup and handing off the Cup to each other And we found out about these things and we were like 'f--k this, we are not going to allow this to happen.' It just fueled us."

Bieksa feels that Chara insulted the character of the team at that time that included three Hall of Famers in the the Sedins and Luongo as well as leaders such as himself, Manny Malholtra and Dan Hamhuis.

Bieksa also questions the source of these allegations as why there weren't reporters actually reporting this? And why the story kept changing as well as Chara's "apparent sources?".

One last note was how Kevin brought up the topic:

"One of the dumbest things we've ever heard clearly, and we work with Elliotte."'

Classic Bieksa!
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Bieksa bites Back

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