Canucks GM snubs Canuck alumni?

Published December 18, 2022 at 11:14

Did you notice how well Patrick Allvin handles the media?

You may not have, unless you tuned into AfterHours on Hockey Night Canada. Allvin was just a couple questions into his interview, when asked directly by former goaltender/now color commentator John Garrett about whether any of the current players want to go through a rebuild process. Exactly like Buffalo and Edmonton did the last eight years with countless first round picks (and first overall picks as well).

Scott Oake deftly cut off Garrett's question to Allvin with a small joke about an assistant GM job, but the question wasn't answered nor addressed again.

Allvin seemed somewhat miffed by the question and Garrett was out of the shot following that query and for a large part of the interview itself.

Was it a fair question? Fans of the Canucks are dying to see an honest direction and this new management isn't showing their cards to anyone in regards to their plans for the organization as a whole.

SOURCE: Sportsnet
December 18   |   599 answers
Canucks GM snubs Canuck alumni?

Was John Garrett asking an honest question to Patrick Allvin about a retool or rebuild wrong?

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No23138.6 %
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