Canucks' four players on the block revealed

Published December 4, 2022 at 7:28 PM

Drance and Dhaliwal have juste released their most recent piece in The Athletic revealing who the Canucks want to move the most

"The club isn't prepared to move their most valuable trade chips just yet, however, and those players that the club would prefer to move are expensive supporting pieces."

1. Brock Boeser highlights the top of the list, without surprise, it's been on every lips in Vancouver for the last 24 hours.

2. Tyler Myers, the tall right-handed defenseman is a hard piece to move since he carries a $6M AAV and isn't playing anywhere near that worth. Since July 1st he also has a M-NTC, on which he can eliminate 10 portential destination off of the 32.

3. Tanner Pearson, currently out because of an injury. He could be one the asset to move quite fast. Although he's not performing like he was in his best days, he still brings a lot of experience to the table. His contractual obligation ($3.25M) ends in 2024. To that contract, there's a 7-team no-trade clause until the end of the season.

4. Conor Garland, the small gritty forward, the 5th round steal that came from the Coyotes has had problems putting up numbers this season. A similar trade to the one the Blue Jackets pulled for Oliver Bjorkstrand could be afoot. Garland has no special clause to his contract, but his contractual obligations prevail for 3 more years after this one at a $4.95M yearly cost.

Who would like to see go first?

Source: The Athletic
December 4   |   843 answers
Canucks' four players on the block revealed

Who's moving first??

Boeser37744.7 %
Myers23728.1 %
Pearson11413.5 %
Garland11513.6 %
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