Fans Trash Ron McLean On Social Media On Don Cherry's Birthday

Published February 5, 2023 at 9:40 PM

Most hockey fans, myself included, grew up on Hockey Night In Canada, watching Coaches Corner with Don Cherry and Ron McLean. The two were tv partners from 1986 up to 2019 and for the most part, loved by Canadians.

However, fans lost their respect for Ron McLean after Don Cherry was fired back in 2019 over his comments for fans to buy a poppy back in November 2019. Instead of backing his long-time friend and co-host, McLean would basically toss Cherry under the bus to save his own job.

During an interview this past Saturday night between McLean and NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman, McLean would start to trend on Social media but not in a good way, it would continue Sunday on Cherry's 89th birthday. It's clear that fans are still furious with McLean and would share it all over Twitter, here's just a sample of some comments below.

Don will continue to be loved by most hockey fan's, he maybe a little to blunt and opinionated for some but he stuck by what he said and his opinion regardless if anyone liked it or not and you have to respect that.
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Fans Trash Ron McLean On Social Media On Don Cherry's Birthday

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